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The f_opt keyword determines whether a "self-consistent sigma" calculation is performed to optimize the effective translational hard-sphere diameters of the different components (f_opt = .true., which is also the default) as presented in Ref. [1], or instead the simpler treatment of Lai et al.[2], which follows the monocomponent formalism, is used (f_opt = .false.). For the effective rotational hard-sphere diameters, see f_rot_opt.

Monocomponent hard-sphere diameter

In the original 2PT paper by Lin et al.[3], the effective hard-sphere diameter of a monocomponent system (all molecules/groups are the same) is not explicitly calculated. Instead, the fluidicity is uniquely defined from the thermodynamic state of the system, [math](N,V,T)[/math], and the (translational) zero-frequency density of states, [math]S_\text{trn}(0)[/math].


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