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Note: The development version of the DoSPT code can be accessed and downloaded from GitHub. The installation process is the same as for the releases listed below.

This is a list of the different DoSPT versions available for download. Old versions are kept for historical reasons and to keep track of lost/gained functionality, bugs, etc.

Please keep in mind that older versions might contain bugs that have been fixed in newer versions, and that the documentation on this site might be only valid for the latest version. In particular, big changes in functionality or usage might occur between early versions of the code, which are currently being heavily developed.

To avoid any issues, make sure that you are running the latest version available on this page whenever possible.

DoSPT versions available for download
File name Size Version Upload date (DD/MM/YYYY) Life cycle Known bugs and issues Comments and release notes
DoSPT-0.1.tar.gz 908.4KB v0.1 12/09/2016 Alpha List Alpha version - possible unknown bugs and broken functionality. First ever available version of DoSPT.